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Painting isn't a dwarf

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

Painting isn't a dwarf amidst the high rises of Tech or manufactured stuff coming out of the entrails of a artistic production line.

Painting is the human flaw in a fallible world, ruled without risk and punishable with every risk. But it is the world that man created. Painting today is Art's genome, or its oxygen in stark contrast to the formaldehyde, preserving all but forgetting everything.Over production and forgettable hype demeans Art, and should have nothing to do with Painting. Painting's failure is our gain, as the tainted brushstrokes leave our human finger print from where the glory of human DNA can be traced on every Painting. These brushstrokes are created by organically 'human paint' defying gravity and celebrating our microscopic piece of carbon floating around a huge universe that we can only imagine, and that is what Painting is: an individualized universe of internal and external imagination, and so we can include conceptual farter's in our sector because this universe is surely big enough for the both of us? Why would I want to ignore some creative beauty and not marvel at it in any context?

For me, Painting is the wrinkles, the shadows the cracks the wars the triumphant celebrations of human existence. Moreover it is the mortal coil of human limitation in which there is no escape but our own fragments of human experience that we can just about cram in to a specific human space called a canvas that we jump head long into. But here are the dimensions of space that I cant humanly mathematically understand or grapple with, but something that I can Paint. It is Painting that limits the hole in space but it is Painting that can grasp infinite changes of the future, and not some perfect computer that suddenly freaks out and against human kind. In Painting we should trust our humanity.

Just don't burn stuff,glue stuff, hammer stuff, and scavenge for stuffetc to make it seem expensive. Don't dress down to dress up. Instead, I paint because I think that its fate is our fate if we want to bare testiment to all human experience. Art Painting has foreshadowed the human testiment parrelled by the viscisitudes of ancient Paint on ancient 2D canvas or board. Painting is our history, archealogyetc but most important it is our own precious jewel that we must enjoy and regenerate.

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