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Human strength lies in its resourcefulness

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

Human strength lies in its resourcefulness. Our human bloodline of 'ultimate worthlessness' accompanies us through the vacuum and moral aimlessness of the universe. Our confronting of a human need to rationalize, compartmentalise and exhume causality etc represents our best shot to give life understanding. We have discovered that human life has 'no meaning' (for those who don't believe in a God) but can partially comprehend our insignificance enough to delimit such human self-pity and submit to our fight against our limitations. Yet humanity wouldn't be human if we didn't hold out for some hope that things will change in the future.

So,why do we feel imprisoned by the products and by-products of social interaction ? Somebody needs a scapegoat in Art as in everywhere else - Painting? Why should we be swallowed-up by the confines of a (typically)rectangular 2D shape? Is it too limiting? Is it too stifling? Will your head explode if you can't reduce your understanding of life to a limited area? Doesn't that mean: Is it too hard for you? Is it too much of a challenge? Or does it epitomize mankind's inflated self-opinion being shrunk so much that human ego needs to find more firm land rather than the quicksand that reveals man's folly and his resurrection at the same time? Isn't Art about fumbling in the dark, not self-indulgent but a lost Art, a medium that foretold of the future and of its folly, a truth to be jettisoned, and cast into the wilderness? But I need, and so does everyone else something more .... What do you think?

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