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Since when was Brexit Brexshit?

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

"Hooliganism, bigotry, racism, negativism, alarmism, manipulation,hysteria, and'not what the British people wanted?'

Perhaps the remain camp have forgotten that they should have campaigned with as much energy as it didn't in the run up to the referendum, but please no sour grapes!

We need to include some of the other issues that also 'weren't debated'.

-Wasn't Brexit supported by the very unpopular Trump in Britain? If we're going to have an 'open debate' perhaps more people would have voted for Brexit if the Trump hadn't backed Brexit?

- Didn't the Brexit lot get dumped upon by the British media as mad hatter's or eccentrics and even lunatics? How much did the media 'decide to Remain', and how much did big business want to Remain? How much of an unfair advantage did Remain have?

-Why do we question the British public's capability to not vote ignorantly? Didn't Corbyn brag about the general election vote yet his own party were horrified by Brexit? You can't have your cake.....

- Don't we now know that Britain doesn't just have a hard and soft Brexit, but a hard and soft Remain too? Why was the latter suppressed? Do you not think that the SNP would have taken any side against the Anglo-welsh vote?

-Therefore the aggro and controversy of the post Brexit period would have been more intense a political in-fight which ever way you looked. Post referendum blues that has been attributed to Brexit is disingenuous.

-Britons voted for a EU without the European aristocracy, its elite and its establishment,because Britain still operates under its own class system of its own. Britain has made great progress in changing the quality of life that the many enjoy already albeit in a hierarchical social system of its own. Why would Britain want to inherit someone else's social system when it has its own?

-Didn't many Commonwealth countries want Britain to show some independence for Britain to catch-up with the rest of the Commonwealth?

-Wasn't Britain going in opposite Economic policy as well as social policy directions to the EU? Britain's City of London is by far the most advanced in Europe, so the EU countries wanted to prevent 'fair trading' in London to maximize their own 'City' business and banking sectors. Brexit actually said no to EU envy as well as because free-market economics isn't an agenda that all the EU want.

-Culture and nature in Britain is conservative with a stiff-upper lip mentality. Yet even the Anglican church has a different agenda to Catholic and traditional European Protestantism. In Britain the Anglican church is promoting women vicars, homosexual marriages, and women bishops etc, whilst EU countries tend to be less open a clergy and with less of a contribution from the laiety. Perhaps the high church EU should learn from middle-church Britain that openness is as much a concern in economics as it is in an inclusive and participatory issue on 'Sunday's' for all..


Brexit wasn't an ignorant decision, but it was taken perhaps by ill-informed people. I don't believe Brexit is as horrifying to many in Britain as it is to be on a beach in the med, only to be disturbed by a bunch of beer swigging, belching stag do gits, who might well have voted to Remain and not wholly for Brexit. I also believe that the referendum must be respected in all its manifestations, its decision, its status and its institutional importance to reflect Britain. Though I still consider that Cameron was right to negotiate, Britons must respect the outcome, and certainly not challenge its legality without serious consideration. I personally feel that most Britons are sick and tired of political bullshit, and I believe that the primary importance of a principle to engage otherwise cynical Britain electorally must be respected. But it is with great sadness that Britons only stop being 'not interested' in politics once a generation in Britain. But we have a new starting point with a new Prime Minister who will be more open to the electorate because, unlike Blair, she 's been given an electoral shot across the bows as PM. If only we could have been more sceptical with Blair, Lord Harris.

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