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Molecular cell and stem cells in regenerative organic self-sufficiency.

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

1. Who the hell would think such a verbose 'headline' of a title could be referring to economics of today's free market? Why do we have to select such a natural development and departmentalize it as only the domain of social Science?

2. Sub-division and reproduction are just the same terms as 'the invisible hand' of the free market Capitalism that has been in operation for centuries. But look, it is not a binary system just as its opponents (Marxist economics) has failed to apply its simplistic 'binary' system of bad guys and the good guys buried in political sophistry. We do not live in a society where transparent ideological choices exist anymore. Welcome to the late 20th and 21st centuries.

3. Today's Dickens is a very different kettle of fish, just as 'upstairs /downstairs' doesn't exist either.

4. New hierarchies have sub-divided society further as have its second and third generations of itself. Complexity has committed the globalizing world away from 'Cold War' economics and counter-economics, and the economy has internationalized itself and morphed into almost a neuro-scientific re-wiring of itself that is beyond the exercise of control that used to be the hall-mark of over-powerful multi-nationals. Is this a sign of a completely new organically self-perpetuating power?

5 Politically the implications are one that unites the human race, but can't expell powerful individuals in high ranking political positions from finding the area of governance that most guarantees real power; the industry of military conflict. Visionary anti-dogma run on the petrol of post-Marxist economics is however, not controlled by military conflicts, just temporarily interfered by it.

6. It is clear that even administrative burdens, the public municipal sector and varying levels of social policy cannot prevent the 'cellulor- subdividing' of Capitalism feeding the financial global economy.Whilst engineering the death of Communism in the 1980's it is time that the West manufactured its own shedding of yesterday's 'skin of victory' to bring itself back into leading by self-regulatory example.

7. Renewal and economic migration of the West to new markets should evoke and express the historical lineage of Western regeneration.It is the next stage of Capitalism.

8. Prepare for global resentment: in our fertile green land of Britain, expect an ideological migration to the sort of Socialism of Scargill , Benn, Foot and Corbyn; he's electorally counting on both political amnesia and fake-nostalgia to batter history to boldly go where not even the 1945-50 government went before. I suspect that there are cynics who would like to make Britain a Socialist zoo or a show - room to put the rest of the world off from Socialism. Thanks for nothing!

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