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Not looking in the right areas

False conversation and falsification by fixation on water that should have been left under the bridge.

Not looking in the right areas

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

- Military-led advances respect no 'pandering by way of social accomodation. There are no margins that offer giving up some slack to consult the court of public opinion. The military are fiercely proud of their accomplishments with or without social approval. So why all the nonsense about lowering standards of the SAS to recruit both genders? Look, if MI5 officer section in 1995 (Tory MP and officer of MI5 Rupert Allinson) said MI5 were comprised of 90% of women and 10% men, you can be sure the military had already figured out the benefits. So why peddle an ancient myth and provide an out of date feminist reaction? Politics! And I thought that society was years behind the military. It pays to appear to be show boating for an equality that was won yesteryear. So what's with the poodle Britain rollin-out the pink carpet, where make-up was compulsory?Not in the services! Policy is "get on with it" has already occupied feminist territory, whilst intervening in the de-education of Muslim school girls denied the right to education is actually also re-educating the general British public too, free of political opinionization.

-Refracting and reversing policy can take many shades of policy. Make your weakness become your strength. Any ideas about Chirac refusing to 'provoke not protect' the Islamic Extremist's by invading Iraq? Just how many of us thought that a war in Iraq and Afghanistan would lead to......what? Daily violence on Britain's streets? So what did the Allies do to stop war in Britain? Invade Iraq and Afghanistan,....? If that is the case, why did France get clobbered more than us? What is the answer? The political answer is to blame Blair, even if blood that has been spilt in Britain is not in the same ballpark as in France. well Corbyn?

-Trump did not start the false conversations of post presidential 2016 elections.Indeed, why do we keep having a re-run of that election? Do the Dems think they can degrade that election , or do they think they didn't use historical enmity enough?

So how come Trump keeps international provocation as a well disguised strategy, not just with his enemies but also with his allies? Read between the lines Einstein! Trump provokes the radical 21st century 'Militant' in the Labour party and all of a sudden by twitter,he incenses 'militant' so much that they stick their heads above the parapet? Sure a tacitly recognizeable relationship has developed between Trump and May- she officially admonishes Trump and he provides militant on a plate for May, who will enjoy the Thatcher experience of dividing the Labour Party. All Trump gets is a pat on the back by his core radical populars, and proof that he is the master of 'loud mouth gets you political advantage like no other, and that is how he launches his global dis-establishmentarianism (hitherto= playing by the rules).

Trump and some not altogether self-evident ways that he operates. -False prophets

Keep the opposition cannibalizing itself by being encouraging fixation with the past. A key indicator of this is languishing in old suspisions and mutual hatreds. In short failing to keep up by 'Old Hat' and the 'Horse has already bolted' induce contradiction, paradox and ambivalence to always be one step ahead.

-Caught in the headlights or staring at you until you blink? or his Spoilt brat or chip on his shoulder? Voyeur or man of action? Or defensive or offensive? Out of control or finger on the pulse?etc

- Here are some of his techniques that aren't as obvious as you might think: Terrify,intimidate, horrify, twitter, let post-mortems be the business of others, let the ball do the work, let others belong to the past and live in the present, appear erratic and irresponsible whilst rehearse deftly, groom volatility and get the opponents to have to double-think him.

The Cult of Trump

Gun-slinger Trump is more than just a wild-frontier over laden with dollars that he has cultivated into a well oiled machine of adrenalin run ferocity. No one does adrenalin like Trump. he starts by not just 'speaking his mind', but then incorporates 'America is the envy of the rest of the world' where he can personally testify against 'all the doubters, all those who pour negativity on Americans, and demands that America can only help world peace by realizing that America doesn't need narcotics to 'blow away' anybody unless they doubt 'America's will'. And here is the core of Trumps cult political status: America breathes-in the fact that the USA is a continent that is unique and exhales all that is wholesome about a mature democracy that was more democratic before the oldest Parliament in the world(Westminster in Britain) that still was beholden to a Monarchy in 1776. America is a typhoon of freedom to some Americans, that Trump has re engaged in popular America to recognize its past, present and future that should could must preserve its true identity. So what does that rhetoric actually say? That the way to rid America of Trump is not to compete but to deflate him. Indeed, that is the Dems only way out, but you play passive/aggressive with Trump and he'll eat you for Trumpest.

So how does Trump enforce the view that America is in decline but getting its shit together? Trump uses prejudice that in his hands become a bed-fellow of free unscripted reality. I mean who are you kidding?! Can you really redact 'swearing' from the English language? That is what the Cult of Trump is, metaphorically. He's prepared to share style with Corbyn's brand of activism and rallies, popularism and trenchant ideological hatreds. But that is all they have in common.Trump hates the intrusion of law because America is a litigious society, where Corbyn believes in interventionism, specifically re-enforced by the state. They could not be more ideologically separated. Indeed Trump will refuse to let Labour into power by whatever means possible, even if he doesn't like May or her polite cabinet. Brexit doesn't bother Trump, he believes that Britain refused to go to the European dogs of social democracy, as well as acknowledging Britain's right to its unique identity- does he need the UK? No! Does his party need the UK? Well we will see.


Whilst Trump uses Trumpism and Trump the politician,he has so relegated the Dems in America that perhaps the full circle has been acquired: He believes that American Democrats are the 'corruption of the founding Fathers', and if he does stay permanently as a political role model beyond his Presidential terms of office, he'll have created something entirely new. The Democrats might have to pay for 'The Mayflower' to pursue their core beliefs that Trump and his vocal supporters curse. But is Trump a one- off? Maybe Trump the ego will want to indulge in his uniqueness and be prepared to let in a Democratic President rather than let another coming up short of the real deal that can't compare with Trump ,which is what George W Bush did.

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