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EU is for all?

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

-Does the EU need Us?Or does the EU need our special relationship with USA? - Brexiteers : Dogmatic atheists, agnostics and humanist seculars - Brexit vote is to Land Celtic UK independence from Anglo-Saxon England - Has Celtic UK ever exercised so much power over Anglo-Saxon England? - Is Brexit a Lab-rat experiment for international powers to use its outcome? - Domino theory of Nationalism and independence started with Soviet break-up and has continued with Catalan independence? - 3 Major superpowers : USA, Russia and Europe all engaged in Capitalism's competitive rivalries; European dominated ethnicity running 3 continents - UK upgrading , reselling, quantum leap of economic potential as part of evolution of society? - UK genetic need for sovereignty, or in contemporary terms , getting our mojo back - Atlantic shift: International borders are purely abstract in a digital age where frontiers aren't geographical, but instantaneous inter-continental forms of communication -Ancient barriers are psychological and socio -political nevertheless, in spite of very part of the globe on line

Social factors: New Democracies that Brexiteers offered the UK like never before. -Immigration had transcended a sleazy prejudice into becoming a bone fide issue based upon economics and social implications - Question: Why should white Europeans without any prior contact or without any sacrifice get preferential treatment to relatives of Asian and African Brits concerning NHS and social security benefits and length of Visa's? - These ideas sparked both a response and a reaction from all communities in UK, so much so that a new politically active class were mobilized that was a true vindication of a 'United a Kingdom' but divided a voting outcome on the referendum -This had the effect of 'colour' being a red white and blue rather than a racial/ethnic generically divisive issue -The dream of 'Colour' being an irrelevance to Brexit actually gave the good feel factor a unique frisson of positivity that changed the actual result. Why defend an institution when you can by-pass it and bring all Britons together?! - Brexit had thus moved from a 'dividing nation' to a 'blue -print of an inclusive progressive democratization'. The USA had the first African American Head of State in the Western world, but the UK had 'Brexit'! I'm not sure that's how 'Remainers' understood it, because they would say that the UK were regressing back to being a colony of the past, a colony of the long gone British Empire. - Had the UK matured into a trailblazing charismatic whose ID cards were based upon a new patriotic standard and loyalty to the Crown and all of British contemporary virtues? - Brexit did expose the difference between immigration of a temporary nature and a 'part timer' as far as loyalty to Britain was concerned, and those who risked everything and were utterly committed to making a life for themselves as a positive contribution to the UK. - Immigration could be valued as an investment in the people who would never remain idle or ambiguous about making Britain proud, and not just an cold economic factor where the 'sums added-up'. - Brexit did however reveal that there is a pecking order of immigrants, that isn't a Brexit spin-off; how more established 'immigrants' welcome an opportunity to say'I had to go through that and prove myself and so must you!'. But in all immigration there is never a soft landing, and all communities want to move up the chain and enjoy their own success because 'starting again' in a new country in a new culture is so difficult for everyone. - 'Anti-white' pro-Brexiteers? Stop 'the flood of white Eastern Europeans leap-frogging non-white Britain'? Only a spin Doctor would have made that one have any credibility!

Conclusion Political interest in how the Tory leadership work both sides of the Brexit argument has to be expected. Those decision makers have to push both buttons of Hard Brexit and Soft Brexit to get the best out of negotiations. Don't be fooled by declarations and agreements that divide people, for the leadership will try and micro-manage all the zealots from both sides. My bet is that the UK leadership will attack labour- both sides of Labour. Labour Brexit and Labour EU remainers have very little ammo to defend themselves, whereas the Tories can say they are internal conflicts within all parts of the Tory party, on order to yield the best result by aggressive negotiation behind closed doors. I have no doubt that big beasts will be sacrificed to get what is 'possible'. Even Crude oil has to be refined. Yet these last 36 hours have proved that the Cabinet have managed to turn Blonde Brexit into anti-labour Brexit. How? Ask Johnson and Davis!?! How best can a leader manipulate her troops? Agreement? Division? Exposure? Conspiracy? The PM has spent her political capital by getting Labour to define its take on Brexit or is it soft Brexit or no Brexit or 'forget Brexit we are a colony of, or should I say, a clone of Labour pre- 1945.' The PM is astute enough to lay a trap for her hawks and her doves in her own party too. This Brexit is 'Tory permanent Brexit and in power Brexit'. At least Blonde Brexit can console himself that he will have power in backbench Pariament by character alone even if he remains an electoral and social class victim. Never would a PM mis-use Boris Brexit to unite the country behind her Brexit rather than his version. How a splash of gender and social class can be exercised by a Tory PM to avoid the Boris Blonde Brexit, even if her version maybe hypothetically similar. Not since the gaffs of the Macmillan government has a Tory PM been able to manipulate (especially)social class to her advantage in destroying a rivals career. Macmillan was the ultimate social athlete, and our PM has taken a leaf out of his book.

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