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Macho Anarchismo or Dave does Big Mac's?

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

Meanwhile, why not try 'Macdonald's Art'? The more burgers the more burghers will buy Art! Live it up like a burger 'King'.Perhaps Burger King could set-up an Art student fund to send a 3rd world student to the Slade? Perhaps Hollywood will come knocking and ask for a script to dramatize 'How many burgers did it take you to become an Artist? Or you can be fat and sculpt! Can contemporary Painting ever compete with that? Grease the obese! 'Woolf -down Art'! Where did you meet your wife? Having a burger? Or 'off-message', why can't Painter's be original beyond the vice of Formalism? Don't feel an ounce of pity for the discarded Painter, feel pride in their choices!

Formalism as an Addiction You can give it up! You can be independent of your fix? Fix (ate) on formalism and you can 'justify' being able to add contempt to your CV...just bitch about Painting! Painting then becomes a sub-plot, a side-dish before the main course! But can Painter's be so limited by the 'invisable' Art DR's of spin? Doesn't failure to be commercially successful bring true integrity? Or doesn't commercial success offer new opportunities to focus, whether you're a Painter or not? Vindication and validation shouldn't tyrannize any Artist, should it? Aren't Painter's the white guy who has the 'male red hair'? Aren't they the unwritten secret that society blanks? Kick them into the long grass because society(specifically white society) thinks their 'wrong-ens!'. Painter's are wrong-ens? Send them home! To where do you want to send them?

I'm sure red-heads would find this quite insulting - so would Painters!

I think Painters like every other raconteur has so many stories to tell! But listen to them with your eyes, make mistakes in interpreting them, is how you can make the best way to understand Art. Mistakes are the fundamentals of Painting anyway! Life-marks(where a painter has painted a previous image underneath but painted over it) are the fallible mortal marks of life experienced. They are the plethora of 'facial' expressions often contradictory that give us the true traction and grasp of life beyond the simple 'Pain, anger, sadness and fear' of life lived to the full! Where else do you find so much sub-text of life? So why do we relegate Paint on canvas just because it ain't tech enough for 'microsoft'? Remember those guys spend billions on 3rd world development, so hardly a big surprise that they(and others) demand we live in a world without the equivalent of the metaphorical 'rhino and elephant' of Art(in other words 'painting')

But comparing 'Art to gimmicks' won't get you your mortgage. Here are some real non-sequitar Art spin -offs because they have replaced Painting: How about gimmick Art, 'Farcical Art', 'shameful Art', 'Mr Universe Art', 'Vodka Art',' SAS Art', 'Personnel Art', 'Leprosy Art', 'Gadget Art', 'Punishment Art'(You are sent to Syria with a star of David on your wrist), Sic or 'Sick Art'? 'Hate-victim Art or 'Hate perpetrator Art'? 'Download and Derivative sharing Art' and finally, 'There is no safe passage beyond Abstract Expressionism Art' - they call that Painting!

Does Painting have to be either a hollow tunnel or a cul de sac of Art? Does Painting have to function as a loser that all the rest can feel more reassured and secure about their place in 'anything else but Painting Art'? Has Dying hair green,red blue ,shaving half-off mean anything but a gimmick? What happened to punk? Butter happened to punk! Painter's are going to have to learn how to fight smart! CA is the 'theatre of the esteemed and not the dreams of those prepared to neither go left or right or the wrong turning! Painter's don't have to make a splash! Art isn't a career but a cure, and a refusal to give-in ! I believe that pulp CA is not even fiction but a 'Tabloid Art' that has muscled-in on reality 'gimmee offence or ignorance Art' Televised by social media hooked-on lottery, X Factor and soap-aholic egotism! Where is any cultivation of knowledge of self or anybody else? Painting is one of many media that supports the eco-system of Art that if you do not feed it it will perish leading to consequences that are problematic for the entire system. Don't you want your children to grow up knowing who and why and with what made Art of the past and Art of the future the very best that humanity can do to understand meaningful issues that have remained just as quintessentially life sustaining despite new technology 'on-lineArt'? The alternative is that we 'kill Painter's' by destroying their natural habitat. Poaching by stealth and deceit demands of me to want to protect and rehabilitate a precious resource. But what are you going to do?

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