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Stephen Hornsby-Smith

S-Are you sure Franz can justify claiming to be an Italian guru of Italian food when he boasts of being Prussian? R- Franz is special and his place unique! S- Franz is a butcher, a cannibal and a politically correct carnivore! R- He is a gourmet chef who has a Michelin ' star by not serving any root crop or any vegetable of any kind. Plants are him! S- He's a nut job! And let me tell you, I'm not happy coming to his slaughterhouse.. R-.....................................................................................................................who believes that all vegetarians and vegans are suffering from a eating disorder without having any moral compass towards Plants S- He believes that plants are sentient and intelligent in a way that all animals aren't! R-There's a bit of a stretch I admit S- 'A Bit of a stretch'? He believes that all plants have personalities and either hetero, homo or bi sexuality! Don't even get me started on his views for transgender! R- Or a visionary? S- He eats chicken, pig, cow,sheep,game because he's 'protecting the 'moral fibre' and the brains of plants and vegetable. He believes in the distortion of blaming 'Climate change' on Plant eaters! R- He has a unique take on herbivores S-.........................He's Pol Pot to animals but Mother Theresa to plant life! And he's a cannibal! Besides, he doesn't serve a single pasta dish in his restaurant although he calls it 'Pasta'! R- " Eating plant is murder!"? Isn't that how the press sees it? And I thought that you were more discerning than to believe in the Tabloids! S-How does he put plants as higher up the food chain than humans? R- He believes in.. was rhetorical ! R- Not for me! You don't know what he's actually up to here! All that plant ethnicity's about more than passports for carrots! S- I don't get a glee from plants running around free! R- It is a take on Darwinianism! S- Jesus was once a plant? R- Now who is being ridiculous! S- I get the quirky and off the wall stuff, but that is very 80's, or just appalling! R- Root vegetable aren't really you are they? S- Franz should get out more! R- save the seed and say goodbye to the weed! S- Grow a friend not make one! R- And for your next diatribe? S- "He serves up human flesh!" That's the rumour anyway!? R- Calf-muscles of a 30ish male human on the menu! S- Hang-on here!Let's come to that later! Franz wants to illegalise cannabis because 'pot smokers' are destroying hearts and minds! R- Of a plant nature? S- Well what do you think! R- He's licensed! S- For the enforcing of the illegalisation of cannabis due to PC views of the poor plants? R- Sure! S- Well what about the randomly sourced human bodies that make-up his menu? R- Let's just talk about the plant murder S- you're putting me off my chips! R- No ! That's Franz 's job! S- A restaurant to put me off my food? R- He has cornered the market in puking-up your own food! S- I'm not surprised that people find this 'meat is lovingly dressed as chocolate' R- Don't even start me on chocolate!? S- Puke and rebuke? R- He has a license to poison S- Cannibalism is a crime! R- Revolting people are his speciality! S- Do people try to purge themselves? R- That is the new poison! S- A new strain of social camouflage! R-..Subcontracted from....? S- The Russians or the Ukrainians...? R- No! Someone closer to home! S- Dead or alive? R- I don't have any idea of how he could pull-off so many strings! Human organ trade was his day job...apart from violence people who couldn't defend themselves! S- Bloody Jimmy bloody Saville? R- Wait till you hear the rest! He single-handedly brought the USSR to its knees! S- How ? R- Vodka poisoning! For 40 years! S- Totally inebriated the men with the finger on the nuclear button? R- No! He implanted a genetic organism into vodka that increased Soviet rates of pregnancy.,.. the more they smelt the vodka on their husbands breath the more they conceived without copulation! S- ....a vote winner for all concerned? R- Sarcasm at this moment Painter? S- Don't even say it! I'm a practicing Catholic Randall! R-This is just for the readers then! S- NO! Don't say what I've asked you to keep to yourself! R- Funny old game isn't it? Having bigger babies and brighter babies? S- Another of your multiple head-births that bumped-up the likelihood of having too many bionic generations that .... R-.................would reveal the state of inequality by nature- enough to fear a master race of better Soviets than their fellow citizens! S- So Saville the child molester in the West screwed-up the East as well? R- Why didn't the KGB figure it out, like the West did? Because they thought he had a watertight alibi: his peadophilia etc. What monster would unmask his bigotry in the West so comprehensively would be plotting against the East as well? R- You can't make this stuff up?! S- My lips are sealed! R- Because if they aren't.....? S- My teeth will no longer be located in my mouth but on some dark alley floor. R- That's just the first step... S-.....................................that's what Sergai calls base one! R- If you're a good boy, I'll let you be privy to more of the leaner juicier reality stoppers! S- You mean sport? R- Let's not get flippant just because you are a little intimidated! Let's talk 'suede' and Christmas! S- If you're buying the drinks! R- Dimitri?

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