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3 Way struggle

Stephen Hornsby-Smith
Stephen Hornsby-Smith

We have forgotten the quiet joy of God, no adjustment bureau, no conjuring high tech tricks, just an attentive listener. We've been drawn into a 3 way struggle for our spirituality, our sense of order and disorder and have almost written-off the idea of a soul. Faith and trust are subjected to firstly, negativity, secondly indifference and lastly anger management ego and narcissism. Or, victimhood and being sinned against, avoidance and distraction , and spiritual GBH by sinning against someone. Strewth! God must be overstretched ! Or does he enjoy conversion? Of course he does ! But must we demand welfarist compensation from him with very little trade from us, let alone hard work ! Perhaps we are seeing things from only one perspective? Perhaps he's not ready to have only half of our attention? Perhaps we have to find ourselves before we find him? Our self-image must be over-blown and riddled with negligent arrogance, when all he wants us to share is an image of ourselves without all the detritus of 'baggage' etc. He wants to share a reflection of what we are and what we could be.

The greatest reflection of ourselves can only be a celebration of God's reflection - a reflection in water (or wine ?)settled but not still, calm but not static, the human zenith of Divinity, an advocate of non climate change, the free roaming of our environment. We are no longer dependent on being consumers of our love/hate relationship with the status quo. We rejoice in being able to change pollution into clear blue waters where we are no longer terminal abusers but significant lovers of balance and environmental harmony. This clean-up is a unique opportunity for humanity to resurrect a social context too and not just a sub text for pessimism and passivity exchanged for global transformation and a permanent solution to human traffic of toxic social waste. indeed, we embrace the silence and beauty of nature for over-production of self-indulgence. But human capacity to destroy is nevertheless unique but continuous, and the joy of winter ending and the melt of mountain peaks forming pure streams of 'gentle heaven' have been overwhelmed by surges of turbulent deep currents whilst on the surface its consequence of rapid devastation have burst weakened banks due to melting of glaciers or polar regions warmed-up by human industrialization. We are plastic waste contaminating down stream, through rivers and into oceans.whilst desert expanses are expanding, destroying crops and killing the fertile land that livestock are dependent upon. Such circumstances are unprecedented. Such circumstances are also a unique opportunity.

But let us recognize that just as water has 3 different states,liquid,gases and solids, so have many man-made pollutants that distort our terrestial eco-systems, micro-climates and food-chain (our human reflection) making our generation in prime position to self-transform. We can envisage change but we can't alter much of human history that dictates that we could remain appeasers and placaters until we lose sight of the carnage that surrounds us. Blind or blinkered is just not sustainable. When pure water becomes sewage what will our growing human need for non salt water consumption be met? With the rising population, we are storing-up the accelorant of self-harm ? And what implications has that for earthlings in the wilderness and infinity of space? When do we learn our place, our space and in outer-space? Why are we the self-polluting planet?

If our lives are short and unremarkable what can we leave for our great grand children but peace and a sense of place? We may be absolutely irrelevant to 'Time' and 'Space'..... or is that too much of an assumption that we all too readily make?Today we only can see a small part of the Universe that make-up the trillions of stars and galaxies. Our naked eye nevertheless sees light reflected from the stars we can all see in our night skies, but it has another function that is far more speculative: we can see the past, present and future by the night skies lighting-up our vision , each star shining many light years ago to reach us today - before humans existed even ! Just as God navigates us to understand today's contemporary physics , so he gave Columbus the gift of navigating by the stars to find America. Imagine Columbus using lights in the night skies beamed to him before human concepts of Time began on Earth, whilst today's pioneers are using basic concepts of DNA to discover medical procedures to extend life on Earth. This is engaging in scientific inquiry to bring the future nearer to the present in ways the general public can't even contemplate.?!!!

Indeed, isn't it our human mortal coil to bring about travel to yesterday, today and tomorrow ?Are we are just a piece of carbon evolving from an largely oceanic world, subjected to the gravitational pull of a largely unremarkable star ? Or are we humans not numerous past ,present and future compared with the enormity of space and the universe? Perhaps God is navigating us to think and feel valued in our individual significance right through all of human history but in making us feel unique dwarfed by enough galactic space to 'house' us all, yesterday, today and tomorrow?! And people are questioning whether God can deal with over-population of all of us put together over human history etc... just a drop in the ocean in comparison to the 3D space we know about and we can only begin to speculate about exciting new dimensions beyond, waiting for us to be revealed when we are ready for them.God is multi-dimensional, a listener to our human history and future, addressing each and every ones concerns - it's a walk in the park for God to individualize us, given the enormity of the Universe and given that only when we are ready will he tell us more about it. Such a future is like a human mirror distorting or telling you the truth, false flags,white noise etc or absolutely hauntingly accurate, but we are indisputably trapped in a spiral of human greed and narcissism, where we are inventing new ways to kill, and new ways to be negligent. This is our World War at the feet of our generation. God gave us life to be stewards protecting the complete global terrestrial life cycle, where we protect life from 'poachers' destroying every aspect of life. But we are a credible deterrent against ourselves, where although we are as a species addicted to self-destruction we are also a species with a remarkable survival instinct. God is also the ultimate deterrent between overkill of naive quixotic virtue and servile amorality. But it is us who have to distinguish between 'open negligence' and totalitarian oppression. Will we counter climate change through democracy or dictatorship? Or is that not the choice we wanted to make? Tough luck!! There is no avoiding it, but the Earth has evolved to protect itself ! If we don't respond to its demands it will make the globe an inhospitable planet for any life. Ironically Humanity must thaw its layers of indifference to global warming and conserve its resources and defend against the inferno of Amazon rain forest torched by human ignorance in suffocating the lungs of the world. Be open to protect, conserve to re-balance the delicate harmony of our home. But we must find ways to release the potential of business in the process of stopping climate change; being closed to degenerate consumption without utilizing the power and influence of human capitalist creativity to address climate change is not an option !

Perhaps our fears of being under intense 'CCTV by God' and every part of us micro-managed by being put under the microscope for St Peter to judge and throw us into hell, is just a late 19th century fear and a 20th century reality for totalitarian regimes. Unfortunately, that epoch was devised by human hand and had to be confronted by the human shield and put to the sword to deprive the depraved who dismembered humanity by mechanization and 'human pollution' by steel through the dark heart of human evil. But mankind can always redeem himself and God will always be ready for when he is . God is the original navigator that we can either evolve with or against! But if you fight God, how can you restore your true human reflection ? Seeing someone else in your own reflection is a human impulse, but it doesn't have to be your destiny!! Let us arrest the toxicity of climate change because 'rehab' is never terminal!


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