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Life by Invoice

Stephen Hornsby-Smith
Stephen Hornsby-Smith

The world could become an 'invoice mania' of intrusion ,but not by military methods but by our insatiable appetite for tech development driven by our need to keep up with our own 'phonezes'. Instead of the letter of the law we will become self-consumers of accountancy. There is no requirement to get a reading from a 'breathalyzer' when you can changes in breath pattern thousands of miles away; even our own breath'bar-code' could be our new passport? Taxes will be replaced by 'invoice' decided by how much you exercise, where politics will become a placebo but also by a 'nerve agent' to measure social and financial health. Restaurants will be invoiced for over or under feeding its customers, and farms will be invoiced for under and over-production just as humans will be invoiced for over and under-reproduction. The 'customer is always right' is based upon mutual and self accountancy, where we become customer, consumer and 'Invoice maker'.

What would we do if we could not access historical events and find them deleted? What if democracy was not about government by popular elections but about a frequent plebiscite to either restore the 2nd World War to 'public discussion' or about the return of the Cold War by consent so as to under-pin and manage the post Cold War reality in former Eastern bloc countries better? Time shifting by mass consent? By 'global Invoice' or by a process of selection? What would happen if football stellar teams sold their membership of the Club to non-supporters or rival supporters who would block proper fans from seeing every game of their team, both home and away? How could you 'invoice' the drinker not to drink too heavily etc? By a liquid bar-code detectable in his/her urine in all loos around the world by coloration quality. I could go on , but you get the message...

How would you invoice by popular consent religious festivals to spread the word of peace and joy? How would you fair if asked to try before you buy, love it or list it? 'Immigration by consent' not of the host nation but of the immigrant him/herself - love it or list it? What can 'Invoice man' do to stop a international mutual mass re-location from let's say Portugal to Iceland, Columbia to Austria and vice versa? How can a total mass exodus of Brits swap Britain for Spain and Spain for Britain? A bizarre National Invoice ? Perhaps national identity can always be identified by the reaction to a small cup of orange juice? Could you buy, sorry, could you invoice for virtual hearing aids, virtual guide-dogs etc What if you could get 'invoice man' to only purchase lies and untruths where values of virtue and moral principles were outlawed? Everybody would know where they stood then! Ricky Gervais should not have to discover lies but exactly the opposite : truth that no one was capable of ? 'Invoice man' or knowledge, wisdom and experience 'Under the hammer man'?

Perhaps we are at a crossroads of consumer and producer, 'invoice or flog it man' ? Big brother does not control but gets its nose put out of joint by the consumer of choice that just messes with carefully crafted plans in place to harmoniously prosper? What ? You mean 'Big Brother' isn't in total control? So what happens to all those carefully scripted 'conspiracies' about it all? Government by democracy really does need a little space or summer break to get away from being the last and the first to know. But what happens when we all have to make it up as we go along? 21st century freedom from 'executive control' is quite a concern where we haven't determined in advance or been able to 'shape' policy to pre-empt must be maddening for 'big beast's' (institutions of power) to handle ! I'm sure a lot has been written about the impact of technology to intrude into our lives, but not much has been written about how 'catching ones own tail' is permanent policy, where superannuation is catching-up more quickly than we thought. So how can we subcontract new innovation that exceeds our own expectations all the time without having to harbour excitement, incentive, fear but also risk? But risk seems to give us all the competitive drive to exceed our own value to ourselves and to others friend or foe. Risk perhaps is the only true form of self-tax we need to evolve even when risk can be self-destructive? But we all have the capacity to explore, succeed or fail , so why not make life a series of choices to do exactly that? Yet I still don't envy the' Invoicer from planet random' !?


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