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Paradox Works!!

Stephen Hornsby-Smith
Stephen Hornsby-Smith

Trump can be at his most effective when democrats "..are outraged by his tyranny"; here USA version of paradox works ! Or not? Or does it seem that US power is best exercised when heeding 'mutual prejudice' and squaring up to one another. But without ideological extremes but with all the passion they can muster !! USA bring it on !

American's as divided as the era of the Draft for Vietnam war, only ...without any of the complications of the Vietnam War ! But whatever you lot are doing,.................your achievements are polymorphously advanced (by Trump?) . who, what ,how? But instead of retrenchment there is a vision, albeit contradictory that has mobilized and stimulated America, that has been overseen by President Trump ! He has propelled America into a focus and a paradox of a Republican President using foreign policy to stabilize the global economy by reaching an understanding with North Korea without war and without sending 500,000 American troops into the Middle-East, whilst making sure that Russian influence in Syria is met with stern resolve by its Syrian allies. Indeed, the mark of a non-politician here is clear, as he's been able to encourage Brexit and place adviser's in the French Macron administration whilst transforming nuclear deterrent into a new currency of deterrent by trade . Big players have been exposed as capable of attacks on an economy or part of an economy leading to a recession as a threat or offering collaboration with a coercive tilt. These big players are now the new superpowers that a multi-layered US led foreign and economic policy has led to the exposing of the constant computer cyber attack from nations driven into hacking as a form of nationalism. "We know where you live !", has become US policy towards any digitalized criminal mastermind !

I do not want to judge without analysis, and Trump has engineered a nationwide revitalizing of America in spite of some very critical press and a divided nation. In many ways, Trump has been pre-judged, and whilst he has taken a lot of sublimated anger towards banker millionaires who 'caused the credit crunch' whilst he was not in power, there is some acknowledgement that the trial and conviction of Harvey Weinstein was yet 'another 'authoritarian man abusing women' was allowed to drift into the category of 'Trump's Fault'. It does no one any service to dismiss Trump's hearing for public impeachment as not just merely tangentally a target to accidentally juxtapose Weinstein with Trump!! Here's a question : Would a Hillary Clinton Presidency have been able to bring Weinstein to court, knowing fully well the anti-feminist backlash that might have ensued could have wrecked her Presidency? Or did the near impeachment of Trump manage to purge the Democrats of their need for revenge against the Bill Clinton near impeachment ? Hardly the sort of pendulumic political instrument of democracy that the US needs is it ?

In fact there are some surprising outcomes that no one could have predicted in response and in reaction to Trump in power and they involve the private citizen and the private sector. Trump has actually stimulated private sector investment into an eco-green flourishing of wealthy investors and entrepreneurial action taken because of the absence of public sector investment. If Trump is subliminally blamed for the credit crunch then should he be given credit for inspiring 'the invisible hand of the market place' by inspiring those individuals who didn't wait for public sector funding to build communities like 'Babcock Ranch', a self-sustaining carbon footprint free community, to self-transform and if rolled-out further could be the answer to make climate change redundant. Indeed, this anti-public sector President has been the trail blazer for behaviour that some have found offensive but this new development of American 'can do'progressive action signals a wider creative period of debate,political conscious raising and mobilizing of demographics previously closed to the revitalizing of America. Here, a politically split America is a risk and an opportunity In fact, Trump's true advisory isn't American but Chinese, and trump has been able to use rhetoric and behind the scenes action to make safe the ticking time bomb of North Korea whilst exposing China as the nationalistic superpower without the opposition that Trump has by an active and demanding Opposition who have done their job in making America more transparent. Here's the upshot of that, will Americans vote for Trump again to maintain the effective (if sometimes ideological,) value of Democrat's as the power behind the making Trump accountable? Are the Democrats best serving America by adversarial Congressional opposition to Trump to endear a new and more creative America? Or will Trump have to shed some of his support to get a closer vote that fully satisfies the electoral brief of a 'Split America' works for all Americans by winning another Presidential race? What is clear is that America has never been so politically educated and split at the same time.

Perhaps Trump has never been such a hate figure in US domestic and international politics from the centre Left, but I think a tacit agreement is or will be reached between both political parties in America : lay your hands off politics and you just do your Trump thing in the economy? 'Can do' and 'Yes we can' could be the focus of Americans to come. Support the political spotlight on Trump, and make America for America even after what seems to be unstoppable now, the Wall across the Mexican border. Here's a question : Is that wall trying to keep people in or keep people out? What it has done is that it offers Trump an opportunity to brazen his non political correctness out, but it could still be a banana skin of over PC for the Democrats ! And here we enter a world of pain that Trump is a master at: All those Democrats wanting positive and end negative discrimination is the most complex for democrats to navigate through.....meanwhile Trump is having a ball watching the angst and cultural levels of all PC issues unravel PC Democrats in a 'minefield of their own making !' How easy it is to be deliberately offensive whilst hoping to catch a PC fish with non PC bait. Who needs ideology when there are so many non PC skeleton's in the Democratic cupboard? Perhaps he has been obstinate and cavalier partly deliberately on issues of race ,gender and ,sexual harassment etc because it ruffles too many feathers of too many hypocrites ! Why demand to assassinate Caesar when you're guilty of the self-same crimes?

Moreover, the attempted Impeachment of Trump showed that the American system works ! The US is liberally open and cantankerously'overcrowded with too many critics'! In spite of that personality exchange inside America, the US is often the victim of foreign not just domestic envy. Trump and Congress might conflict, but the Trump experiment could only have worked with the Democrats playing its aggressive resentful card par excellence. Do we need to like Trump as a person to vote for him? No doubt because he's a popularist rather than an out-moded reactionary, he will make the running as a more active player in the non PC and PC ideological stakes, and you will have a more nuanced response from him as a result. But will his presidential Democrat opponent be also free to activate ideological issues by selection by choice rather than by party hacks ? The mistake that Democrats might make is to believe that Ideological consciousness raising brings people together every time ! But it could actually do the opposite in one of the most exciting races for the White House for years!


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