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Whose Loyalty is it anyway?

The NHS is seen today as both object and subject of debate, both political, social, economic and philosophical - even semantics and semiotics conflict with its identity?! It is central to the discussion over industrial relations, public sector funding (both ideological and financial), and its future proofing in our economy as a health component or the seminal element of our cultural British way of life. Is it a brain-drain or an engaging magnet for further investment? Or not?

Here are some more controversial characteristics of the spin-off of the controversy surrounding the NHS that burn with intrigue: Privatisation across the board or Nationalsation across the board? Funding cuts, devaluation of wages, or Strike cutting of the service and as a consequence on GDP loss of income due to strikes? Are strikers seeking to strong-arm governments or governments trying to strong-arm Unions? What is the relevance of the difference between government cuts and the state of an economy cutting government expenditure?

Indeed, we welcome the issue of loyalty, and fighting one's corner! Loyalty to Brexit, to the government or the unions? But in fact, 'Loyalty is highly prized in UK history, that is more than atonement or guilt but is about health responsibility not just loyalty as a tonic for the economy or a debt that takes more of national revenue than may be welcome? There is the truism of health priorities that you can't avoid recession if you do not have a healthy economy and a healthy workforce to run it! Then of course there are divided loyalties!? Higher inflation kills opportunities to raise wages for those that need them, and government revenue is being cut by responsibilities to sustain a socially responsive balance of interest rates for both the consumer and for the individual savings; both may be beyond reconciliation from any Chancellor!? No wonder why politicians are given the job of ironing-out the contradictory wrinkles in policy making! But in the event of crises, we stick together and we bond together regardless of any impediment, limitation or any brain-drain and burn-out!!?!!


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